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. The symbolic prostheses

We can refer to several symbolic projections / “prostheses”:

. Psychological Basis – the Family being seen as the “chrysalis” of neurosis (anti- psychiatric movement)

. Sociological Projection – the most famous cases are Music Artists Elton John and Jamiroquai

. Anthropological “Constant” – the group Formality as a projection - on- Institution of the psychological need to identify with the archetype

It can happen an initial imbalance: a very beautiful and talented daughter - will start a silent inner process of envy and competition in the couple's second daughter, much less beautiful and less talented, who will try to develop her sister's talent - to surpass her in the future, wanting to prove to everyone (but especially to her parents) that after all she was the better of the two, and that she always deserved much more attention and affection than the one she had. Thus, there is an adaptation of the surrounding social fabric (similar to the curve of space-time in Physics), around the magical presence of the “princess” daughter, whose outer beauty will betray her further in these same environments that desires eternally discreet and secret – thus leaving the ground free for her sister to take on her own creative vocation, who will integrate essential aspects of the star sister's personality, developing them until she arrives at a mimetic collage and a replacement. almost total end between them.

In the matter of the "Anthropological constant" clearly visible in the phenomenon of group formality in schools - which has been clearly used in the "higher" educational system for a direct entry into Freemasonry - the more or less creative guises of this rite of passage disguised as camaraderie between students only represent a reformulation of the rite-in-itself, and all universities are very interested in introducing small innovations as a new “fashion” to, incredibly - attract more students! We have thus verified, to our great astonishment, that a largely negative factor can, through pure marketing language – become totally legitimate; and from an objectionable connotation to a transformation into an extremely positive value that attracts new “customers” ..

The interesting situation of collecting selection of the stars of international rock music is undoubtedly extremely interesting – and it is expressed on different and profound levels. Sigmund Freud considered it to be a certain extension of anal retention fixation; and yet today we can say with a certain degree of certainty that this situation stems from multiple factors inter -related and even more relevant and more logical in the discipline of Sociology – and less in psychology than one thinks (or wants to make others think).

. Let's look at just some famous cases:

Elton John – Eyewear Collection

Jamiroquai – Hat Collection

Joseph Beuys – constant use of a single piece of clothing: waistcoat

Charlie Chaplin – recurrent use of bowler hat and cane; and also the mustache

It would be tedious to draw up a list that would encompass all these objects from all the stars; Let's focus on these first two examples, which are paradigmatic: Glasses and Hats. These objects are extensions, better said – projections , or even symbolic “prostheses”, used in concert as crutches of the artist's charisma – thus clearly being “ objects of power” – which give the musician personality, renewed strength and protection.

Just as the drum is an extension of the oldest forms of spirituality linked to animism (shamanism is the most obvious case), these objects of “power” are also characterized by a modern use of archaic forms of “Religion” – and here comes once again a tribal concept that musical groups not only do not deny – but they themselves feed this mythology: a group here a few years ago even called itself: “ Shaman ” (xamã in Portuguese); and the influential Portuguese band “ Blasted mechanism ” assumes this tradition through costumes produced by visual artists and an intense and visceral beat that directly refers to the shamanic trance, as an objective taking place within the musical show itself – thus imitating a ritual/spiritual experience, an ecstasy that the dance and the uncontrolled rhythm and the drug - help to obtain more easily, as is known.

The same was true of groups like The Doors and its leader-shaman Jim Morrison , the endless noise and confusion of an unclassifiable Jesus & the Mary chain , the controversial Rammstein who also wear custom clothes and a heavy environment, the creativity and mix of styles of the Prodigy or - to a another more conceptual level - the kind of repetitive but extremely catchy melodies of the popular Coldplay - and which will be connected to a symbolic/hypnotic mental process - something that the musicians themselves may even have difficulty recognizing, but whose rhythmic patterns are easy to discover in a less distracted hearing.

It should also be noted that this strangely popular taste for repetition: similar object (vintage objects ), similar brand ( MacDonald 's , Ikea, Zara, Coca-Cola), identified with the same visual sign (the change of a logo is why even a difficult decision), the same word (the words themselves acquire the power to create “Fashion” themselves and an immediate feeling of chic in the verbal “language”) – has been a Marketing scheme imposed on Western societies (at least) , equivalent to a psychic process of ideological reinforcement that simulates pure rationality and is used on a recurring basis, being very characteristic of a terminal / decadent / agonizing phase of "Capitalism", in which we find ourselves at this historical moment: and without recognizing this fact, nothing is really possible.

Once again, in this matter, a fusion of the three fundamental disciplines of the social sciences is obtained:

- Psychology ( psycho -biological need for belonging or sexual pulsion);

- Sociology ( symbolic projection occurs inside/ or through groups as a feeling of sharing);

- Anthropology (the anthropological “Constant” is a psycho- biological necessity that was projected on the Institution fabric through collective means).

This cycle, appearing logical and rational – is anything but such, hiding questionable individual behavior – but that the social varnish of the sub -group(s) passes for perfectly unpolluted and legitimate attitudes.

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