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About Me

I have been connected to drawing and painting since 1992 (18 years old): more than 30 years experience in creativity. The most important thing is NOT "success" - it is your mental health/ happiness, instead. Art market is not a rational or fair structure, so we must find stability in our own family.

My Coaching focus is this: Technique/ Mind. Because I know that only Quality with Consistency can produce results in a near future in Visual Arts.


I just promise: Work + Talent + Respect.


- Are you ready to feel better?

Education and Certifications

ISCSP - University, Lisbon (1994-1998)

"Sociology of Work" - Degree.
Dean - Óscar Soares Barata.

AR.CO - Art School (1999-2000)

Drawing & Painting Classes.
Teachers: Rui and Rosa.

High School, Oeiras (1993-1994)

"Art History" - Best Student.
Teacher - Leonor Pepe.

Clifftop Yoga

My Philosophy

I reach higher mental and emocional places through my Art - I think the same happens with all authentic visual artists. Painting/ Drawing takes me to wonderful dreams - and makes me a human being that discovers very special things everyday. I enjoy being around other artists that have engaging creative styles.


My Master is - Antoni TÀPIES.

My Spiritual belief is - SHAMANISM.

- I would like to meet you. Drop me en e-Mail, just to say:


- Hi!

Francisco, Tuesday - 2/8/2022

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